Here is how it works:

  1. Tell us what you need
    Use the contact form or send us an email with what data that you want to extract from the web, from where that you want to collect the data, how often that you want to extract the data, and how that you want to get the data delivered to you.
  2. We will make you a offer - for free!
    We will analyse your request and make you an offer for the setup, the maintenance, and the ongoing costs. Where appropriate, we will also provide a free proof of concept that will demonstrate that what we propose can actually be achieved. All this is free of costs and with no obligation on your part. No kidding - we really mean it.
  3. We do all the technical stuff for you
    We will set up your web data extraction, maintain it, and run it in our highly reliable, secure, and backed up infrastructure of worldwide data centres from the best cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure).