Some ideas of what we can do for you

Industry Use Cases
All Businesses
All Businesses
Automate any web based process that you perform regularly
Extract information from news and blog web sites
Collect information from Internet forums and social media, such as market information and customer opinions
Extract financial information data form stock exchanges, banks, and other web sites
Gather leads from online business directories
Automatically monitor web sites for changes
Track your search engine rankings and keywords
Collect job postings and candidate profiles from job portals and social media
Perform background checks for individuals
Monitor intellectual property, such as patents or copyrighted material
Extract information for business travel, such as flights, restaurants, and hotels
Automate credit checks for customers
Extract product information from e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Ebay
Monitor your competitors' product pricing to gain a competitive edge
Automatically submit data to shopping engines and price comparison web sites
Extract product reviews from business and consumer review sites
Real Estate
Real Estate
Collect data from real estate web sites for business intelligence, such as property availability, features, and pricing
Extract property price history and auction results data